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Panadol Extend & Active 8 by GSK – Glaxo Smith Kline Malaysia

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Dance Away OA Pain

Panadol Extend & Active 8 by GSK

Glaxo Smith Kline Malaysia

23th December 2008

Photographer : Mr. Raymond Lee @2008 | Web Design : Vincent Yong


Panadol extend

Panadol is an analgesic used for the fast, effective temporary relief of pain and discomfort associated with headache, period pain, colds and flu, tension headache, backache, and muscular aches. Suitable for asthmatics who are sensitive to asparin and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS). Suitable for breast feeding mothers. Gluten, lactose and sugar free.

Panadol extend is the same formula as Panadol Osteo and Duatrol

Glaxo Smith Kline Malaysia – Consumer Healthcare

GSK Consumer Healthcare is one of the leading consumer healthcare company in Malaysia and its business continues to strengthen its position in the OTC market – No. 1 in Analgesics, in Indigestion, in Eye Care and in Children’s tonics (vitamins).

GSK takes consumer healthcare very seriously and understands precisely what the consumer wants and needs.” Many brands are household names:

Building consumer’s trust and loyalty remains the core of the brands’ mission. To ensure the brands remain relevant to the modern consumer, we continuously keep tab on consumer preferences. The consumer insights are then used to develop new products, to address the evolving needs of consumers.

In 2008, Panadol celebrated its 50th Anniversary in Malaysia. Presently, Panadol enjoys a 86% market share of all OTC pain relievers. With the launch of Panadol Extend for muscle and joint pain, it is expected that GSK will garner an even bigger share.

The Malaysian market is a fast growing economy within the Asia Pacific region. It is also a discerning market made up of diverse cultures.

GSK’s Consumer Healthcare business takes scientific innovation as seriously as marketing power and excels in both. It’s a business that is driven by science, but has the consumer at its heart. Consumer Healthcare products are classified into the following:

OTC medicines

  • Panadol (Analgesics)
  • Eno (Gastro-intestinal)
  • Scotts (Vitamins & Health Supplements)
  • Eye-Mo (Eye Care)
  • Zentel/Dequadin/Drapolene/Calpol/ Cortal

Nutritional Health Drinks

  • Ribena
  • Horlicks

Oral Healthcare

  • Sensodyne
  • Aquafresh
  • Polident} Polident Adhesive Cream
  • Poligrip}